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What is CEQAmap?

CEQAmap is a FREE digital library of environmental documents, such as EIRs, MNDs and related Natural Resource documents. Created in 2004, CEQAmap is useful as a research tool for environmental professionals.

Sign up at no charge and use the database at will. You may download any document in the database.

NOTE: Due to funding and time constraints, I have not uploaded any new documents since 2012; therefore, current documents are not available. If you have any current documents that you would like to place in the database, please email me.

Regards- Don

CEQAmap Database Subsets

CA Attorney General's Office Climate Change Documents!

Educational Institution Projects CEQA Documents!

Gov Office of Planning & Research Climate Change - GHG Emission Documents!

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Technical Advisories, White Papers, Policy Papers & Other Climate Change Resources.

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